Reimagining our governance through Model UN (MUN)

Reimagining the UN through Model United Nations (MUN)

5 Security Council Innovative Modules were created for middle & high school students to learn and engage in the many ways the Security Council can reform its current system. 

Five Security Council Innovative Modules were created to learn and engage in the many ways the Security Council can reform its current system. 

About us

The Workable World Trust, partnering with Citizens for GlobalSolutions (CGS) and Model UN Development Organization (MUNDO), is committed to creating and supporting Model UN Conference “reform tracks” that demonstrate potential changes to the current system that would make it more people-centered, transparent, fair, and able to effectively handle the many global challenges of the 21st century. We seek to devise, promote and disseminate ideas conducive to the establishment of a “workable world,” a world in which:

Rule of Law

The rule of democratically established, binding law supplants the law of force

Global Interdependence

People, not states or monarchs, are recognized as the ultimate source of sovereignty

Global Solutions

Global problems lead to ecologically and economically sustainable global solutions

Implications of Sovereignty

the good of the planet takes precedence over the good of individual nations


Human Rights

fundamental human rights are sacrosanct


Responsibility to Protect

Despite inevitable imperfections in the system of governance, systemic flexibility will provide a reason to hope for continuous progress and human betterment

MUN MOdules – Security Council 
MUN Modules

These Security Council Reform Modules can be used by teachers and students alike to not just learn about the Security Council, but how to think outside the box in terms of reform, question its current moral legitimacy, and representation of the Council. Take your classroom or conference to the next level!

These Modules were based on the book by Joe Schwartzberg, Transforming the United Nations system:  Designs for a workable world.

The Book

Scan book cover of the Transforming the United Nations System

“Joe Schwartzberg is among the few who think creatively against the stream. His book provides a comprehensive United Nations reform agenda and should be studied carefully by those interested in and working towards a revitalized and strengthened United Nations system.”

Klaus Hüfner
Honorary President, World Federation of United Nations Associations

“This volume lucidly and intelligently presents a sweeping series of new, innovative ideas designed to reform the United Nations structure and performance. From weighted voting to the constructive use of regional representation, from new institutions to more effective use of existing ones, readers will find a rich mother lode to change and challenge current thinking. This book is a rare compendium of forward-looking ideas to structure closer world cooperation.”

Thomas R. Pickering
Former US Ambassador to the United Nations and former US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs

Topics include: General Assembly Reform, Security Council Reform, A World Parliamentary Assembly, a credible human rights system, peacekeeping, peacebuilding and disarmament, a new global governance, and more.

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