Security Council (Module 01)

Strengths & Weaknesses of the United Nations

Middle School 

The Issue

The UN was created to assist in increasing worldwide cooperation and peace. As world power has changed and the range of problems has increased since its founding in 1945, the UN system has failed to adapt. This has left the UN without the political, financial (related to managing money) or resources needed to do enough to deal with the issues we now face.


Strengths of the un

  • The UN is an international organization and affects more countries and people than do other large organizations.
  • It brings member states together to accomplish world peace, development and respect for human rights.
  • Many (but not all) member states are sensitive to UN opinion about their actions, so UN attention to an issue can lead to a positive result.


  • The UN is only as effective as its member states allow. Current decision-making powers — especially that given to the five nations (China, France, Russia, United States, and United Kingdom) with permanent status and veto power in the Security Council — affects fairness, truth, and lawfulness.
  • The UN system suffers from democratic processes.
  • Many UN bodies did not live up to expectations.

Guiding Question

  1. What is one issue we currently face in the world today and what is one change you would bring to the United Nations to solve this issue?

Security Council Modules

Prepared by:
Andrea Klein Bergman and
Nancy J. Dunlavy
for The Workable World Trust